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  • Learnings: Playing a Show

    I played a three-hour solo acoustic show at Sloan+Parker last Friday. I just want to jot down some learnings to keep in mind for next time.

  • Every Conversation

    “Great, so in summary, circle.” “Got it, triangle.” “Right. Triangle.” “Ha ha! ‘Right triangle.’ Good one.” “Squarres.” “No… not triangle. Circle.” “Right… I hear you. I’m saying the same thing. Triangle.” “No, we’re not saying the same thing.” “I dunno. Sounds pretty risky. Normally we do squarres and they never fit. Can you prove that…

  • Writing Lots of Music Lately

    Been a while. Let’s see, what’s top of mind? I’ve been writing a ton of music lately. I can hardly get it recorded fast enough. I found some local singer-songwriter friends, and we’ve been encouraging each other. And we’re playing frequently at a local open mic. For some reason I seem to be blocked on…

  • Storybook Love (Acoustic Cover)

    Storybook Love – acoustic cover. Originally by Mark Knopfler, and probably best known as the theme to The Princess Bride.

  • Love Me Tender

    Love Me Tender, by Elvis Presley.

  • Pure Imagination (acoustic cover)

    I’m planning to post one recording every week. This week I’m doing Pure Imagination from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. It’s a really beautiful song, and I can’t help playing it when I pick up a classical guitar.

  • Creep (ukulele cover)

    Mom advisory: explicit lyrics Ukulele cover of Creep by Radiohead. Warning: Explicit lyrics. I’m using a comics filter because otherwise I can’t stand to watch a video of myself. I changed the lyrics in the second verse because I felt like it and I’m a grown-ass man that can make my own choices.

  • Stoic Save Points

    Stoic Save Points

    While on vacation with my family, I had a rare moment of solitude at the beach. My wife and kids were at the house getting snacks. It was warm, and I was laying back in a lounge chair in the shade. I closed my eyes and focused on the sensations around me. I could hear…

  • Stuff I Like: April 2021

    In the spirit of random positivity, here are some things I like that you might want to try. No affiliate links or anything, just some random things I found worth my money or time.

  • The Better Piece of Pizza

    There were two pieces of cheese pizza left. I wanted one. One of them was clearly better than the other. A bit larger. Better looking cheese. Better. I asked Violet do you want any more pizza? She said yes but I can have some. I told her to pick her piece. So she came to…