Every Conversation

“Great, so in summary, circle.”

“Got it, triangle.”

“Right. Triangle.”

“Ha ha! ‘Right triangle.’ Good one.”


“No… not triangle. Circle.”

“Right… I hear you. I’m saying the same thing. Triangle.”

“No, we’re not saying the same thing.”

“I dunno. Sounds pretty risky. Normally we do squarres and they never fit. Can you prove that a circle will be the moon?”

“A triangle is basically a circle. It’s got three sides, three angles. It can be fat or skinny.”

“No, no. It’s not. We just need one very simple…”

“What about green? Have we thought about green?”

“I don’t like green, it gets in your teeth.”

“Triangles can be yellow.”

“Right, green is fine, maybe we’ll go into that later, but we’re not talking about green right now.”

“How many triangles then? I can probably make a hundred triangles.”

“Technically, all rectangles are squarres.”

“Again, triangles are not what we need. I’m just asking for one simple, perfectly round…”

“Oh, you mean polka dots! Why didn’t you say so? You’ve got us running around in triangles.”

“Polka dots make me sneeze.”

“OK, sure. Polka dots then. Just, we only need one of them. A single black polka dot on a white background. And the inside should also be white, so you only see the black outline of the polka dot. Got it?”

“That’s easy. I can give you that in an afternoon.”

[… three months later]

“It turned out to be harder than we thought. We had to tear down the shed and rebuild the power core. And we had to anticipate all possible future polka dot needs. Turns out they’re way more complicated than we expected. And we want to be able to do this at scale. But I think you’re really gonna like this polka dot generator…”












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