Learnings: Playing a Show

I played a three-hour solo acoustic show at Sloan+Parker last Friday. I just want to jot down some learnings to keep in mind for next time.

  • 22 songs was not enough for three hours, even with several breaks.
    • Need at least 30 songs, preferably 35 or more.
    • Should have enough to skip a couple if not vibing.
  • Juggling between apps on my iPad (mixer, simplenote, tabs, google doc) was terrible.
    • Next time, prep a set-list on Tabs – use iPad.
    • Use iPhone for managing mixer.
    • Physical mixer and paper would be best.
  • Several songs really need a capo.
    • All We Got – Capo 3
    • Try It and See – Capo 2
    • Holding TIght – Capo 3
    • Outta Here – Capo 2 or 3
  • It’s better to play a cover than an instrumental.
    • No instrumentals ever. That’s weak.
  • Always prep muppet songs. Even if I’m trying to do all originals. Still prep muppets.
  • Practice songs to the end — need work on ending songs.
  • “Two Words” was a sweet spot for my voice.
    • Need to practice where/when to go higher energy.
  • Worst songs:
    • It’s a Shame
    • Outta Here
    • Mixed Up World
    • Hear the Train Roll By
    • Follow You Into the Dark (unpracticed)
    • Sweet Home Chicago (boring as a solo)
  • Best songs:
    • Two Words (vocal sweet spot)
    • In the Dark (but not a good closer)
    • All We Got (great closer)
    • Come Over
    • Don’t Know Why (resonated)

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