Nothing to see here. IANAL. It’s just that every time I tell someone I’ve got the domain they say something about Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog.

I remember when that episode came on I was working at a financial company in the bowels of cubicle-ville, and one of the women I worked with didn’t understand why “Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog” was funny. Then she was like “Oh, it sounds like ‘blah blah blah’, that’s why it’s funny.” I mean… I guess… but some things are just funny to the rest of us humans.


On another note, I’m getting progressively less funny because nobody knows what the hell I’m talking about anymore. I’m full of pop culture references that were hip and funny ten or twenty years ago and are now lost in time. None of the twenty-something millennials have heard of anything other than pokemon and power rangers and my old folks peers have forgotten everything.

I was just telling Jill I should get a Flock of Seagals t-shirt and then it struck me that not only are my coworkers unlikely to know who A Flock of Seagulls were, pretty soon I’ll have to explain who the hell Steven Seagal was. Maybe they’re better off. Nah.

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