Perfect Keto Pizza Crust

After much experimentation I think I’ve gotten the perfect low-carb pizza recipe down. The dough isn’t too sticky to handle. It’s thin, but still holds its shape and have a little crispness. It’s super-easy, and it’s really tasty. Other “fathead dough” recipes have the same basic ingredients. I think the key is the proportions… these… Continue reading Perfect Keto Pizza Crust

Learning TypeScript: Part One

What follows is a stream-of-consciousness replay of me messing around with TypeScript. It’s from the point of view of a vaguely competent JavaScript hacker. I’m including the warts and brain-farts in the hopes they’re either interesting or useful. > Google “getting started with TypeScript”, click to TypeScript in Five Minutes. OK, cool, so types are… Continue reading Learning TypeScript: Part One